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Convert Web Pages into a PDF Scrapbook with HP Print Add-on

HP Smart Print 2.0 has released a free IE add-on for saving webpages as Adobe PDF files. It also gives you the option to print content from several websites into one PDF file.

Unlike other HTML to PDF convertors which install as a virtual print driver on your system, this HP PDF utility is built on the lines of a "scrapbook" application.

With the smart selection mode turned on, your cursor on the webpage converts into a crosshair - select portions of the webpage that you would like to save as PDF and they are automatically added to the clippings bin on the right.

Once you are done selecting the objects that have to saved as PDF, click the print button and you get an option to either send the printing job to your physical printer or save that as an Adobe PDF file locally.

The addon will automatically determine the best layout that wastes the least amount of paper. If you don't like the layout, change it manually. You can even resize objects. Available at

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