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We Have Moved, Please Update Your Bookmarks

The new home of Digital Inspiration is The Google Addons site for Mail Merge for Gmail and Document Studio is available at

Most Popular Google Add-ons

  • Mail Merge for Gmail – Send personalized emails with emails to multiple email recipients with Mail Merge for Gmail and G Suite.
  • Document Studio – Generate perfect documents automatically in Google Drive from source data in Google Sheets or Google Form submissions.
  • Save Gmail as PDF – Download your Gmail messages and attachments in Google Drive for archiving.
  • Twitter Archiver – Save tweets for any search term or hashtag in a Google Sheet.
  • Email Scheduler for Gmail – Schedule emails inside Gmail for sending later at a specific date and time. Send repetitive emails that go on a recurring schedule.
  • Google Drive Permissions – Know who has access to your files in Google Drive.
  • Gmail Address Extractor – The add-on extracts the email addresses from the header and body of email messages for preparing a mailing list.
  • Twitter Curator – Search, filter and add tweets in a Google Documents. It is like Storify for Google Docs.
  • Bulk Gmail Forward – Easily forward one or more email threads from Gmail to any other address.
  • Google Forms Notifications – Get Google Forms responses in an email message when people submit your forms. Send customized email notifications to respondents.
  • Email Spreadsheet as PDF – Convert and email Google Spreadsheets as PDF, Excel or CSV to multiple people. Email sheets manually or on a recurring schedule.
  • Email AutoResponder for Gmail – Setup email autoresponders in Gmail and quickly reply to messages using pre-written email templates.

The site has switched blogging platforms from Blogger to WordPress but you can still find our RSS feed at

Please update your bookmarks.