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Pixtivity Injects Life Into Boring Photo Slide Shows

Pixtivity is a new software program for creating self-running Photo Presentations that are way more impressive and very engaging.

And since the slideshows are created in ubiquitous Flash format, the output file sizes are less than the actual pictures (so they download faster) and your friends or clients can enjoy the picture presentation right inside their browsers.

To create a presentations of your digital photographs, you choose from an assortment of presentation styles like a Photo Wall, Movie Strip or even a Standalone Movie Player, then import a bunch of your photos, add titles, background music and hit publish.

The workflow looks simple but the output is quite impressive.

[Kevin Rose at the vloggies, Picture Credit: Thomas Hawk]

Other than the in-built themes and layout, Pixtivity lets you apply numerous effects and transitions to your image presentations in simple steps. You can even make your still photos look like video using the motion effects filter. [Something which I love to do with Microsoft Photostory]

Photo presentations can be branded with your own website URL and if you want some fun, there are a number of animations for pasting speech bubbles, flying airplanes and falling hearts over your photos.

Overall, it's a good add-on for photo enthusiasts who frequently share their creative works only. Pixtivity interface is very clean and even mom won't need your help in mastering this software.

While there are some good tools online (like including Flickr, Zoomr or Picasa) that let you create photo slideshows in Flash directly, Pixtivity is more for an individual who wants to give a very professional look to their digital presentations.

What's missing ? While Pixtivity is clearly aimed for displaying your images in the web browser, we would still love to see features like exporting slideshows to video files & DVD, support for voice narrations, more export sizes and an improved titling mechanism.

Pixtivity Software | Slideshow Gallery with Pixtivity | Download Pixtivity

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