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Free Convert PDF to Word, PDF to HTML or Text

How can I convert pdf to word? What is the best way extract Text from Adobe PDF documents and convert it into words ? I want to convert PDF to HTML for free online.

Option 1: Download Adobe Acrobat or other PDF conversion software, open your PDF document and choose save as Text. (Learn about some Adobe Acrobate Alternatives).

Option 2: Use GMail PDF conversion engine to convert doc, xls, ppt, rtf, pdf and OpenOffice documents to HTML. No software download is required.

Option 3: This is straight from Adobe, the developers of PDF. Adobe has developed these conversion tools as a free service to allow blind and visually impaired users to read Adobe PDF files.

You need to send the Adobe PDF as a MIME attachment in an e-mail message to Adobe:

* For conversion to plain text, e- mail the PDF file to
* For conversion to HTML, e-mail the file to

All converted Adobe PDF documents will be sent back to the sender as MIME attachments.

This Adobe PDF conversion service provided work best on documents in English. Documents in European languages, such as French or German, should convert fairly well with the exception of symbols that can’t be represented by ASCII text, such as umlauts. Languages requiring double-byte characters, such as Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and Hebrew are not supported. (Adobe may occasionally access the content you submit for purposes of quality control and administration of the conversion service.)

Option 4: Use the free Adobe Reader to save the PDF file as text, or use the full version of Adobe Acrobat Professional or Acrobat Standard to save the file to text or other formats, including Rich Text Format (RTF), HTML, XML.