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Google Adsense Plugin for Windows Live Writer

Insert Adsense Code in Blog Posts

AdSense Coder is new plugin for Windows Live Writer that lets you to add Google Ads directly into your blog posts through Windows Live Writer itself. It will also wrap the Adsense code around your text using the align attribute.

You first define different Google Ad formats that you want to include in the blog posts. AdSense Coder will then add those blocks of Javascript code to your blog posts anywhere you like.

Pretty easy to use but before you download and install the Adsense plugin, here's a word of caution.

Always avoid inserting Adsense code directly in your blog posts - always do that via templates in Blogger or themes in WordPress.

The reason is simple - if Google decides to change the default Adsense code for publishers somewhere down the line, you'll have to manually edit each and every blog posts that contains the Adsense code in order to remain complaint with the Google policies.

That situation will never arise if you put the Adsense block in a central place like the template of your blog. Thanks Stephan.