Excel 2007 Calculation Fix Weighs a Whooping 32 MB

bug fix excel 2007

After two weeks of testing, Microsoft today released a patch that will fix the Excel 2007 calculation errors.

Earlier, if the result of calculation in Excel 2007 is a number from 65534.99999999995 to 65535, it is incorrectly shown as 100000 in the spreadsheet.

The patch file weighs around 32 MB and that could be one of the reasons why Microsoft did not include it the regular Windows Update cycle though the patch itself is released on a Tuesday.

More details and download links on Excel Blog.

Once you apply the fix, it will update the main Excel.exe program to version 12.0.6042.5000 as well as the Graph and Office Art programs of Office 2007. This will also be a part of Office 2007 SP1.