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Audio Podcast: Recap of The Week - August 25, 2007

GTalk Conference Chat for Connecting with Multiple GMail Friends
You just have to invite your other Google Talk friends to this private Google conference room. And there's no limit on the maximum number of participants that can join your Gtalk conference session.
Send Documents, Web Pages To Mobile Phones via SMS: Cloud Print
You send the document(s) to your friends, colleagues or mobile workforce from your desktop as an SMS message and they can download or print the file as PDF on any computer worldwide.
How to Stop GIF Image Animations from Playing in IE or Firefox
Unlike Macromedia Flash movies, you cannot right click a GIF animation to stop it from playing over and over again.
Don't Lose Work If IE 7 Browser Crashes or Hangs All of a Sudden
While Internet Explorer version 7.0 has no such feature to recover work from a crashed session, you can download a free add-in called IEPlus to bring the very useful "Session Restore" feature of Firefox in your IE browser.
Anonymous Chinese Bloggers May Become Extinct Very Soon
The Chinese Government has asked blog companies to sign a "self-discipline pledge" that encourages bloggers in China to register using their real name, email, phone number and other contact information.
Use Digital Camera Instea of FAX
No hard copies. You save money, time as well as some trees.
Access WordPress Blogs in Turkey
To bypass the government ban, bloggers and blog readers in Turkey can configure the internet connection settings of their web browser and point the DNS server to that of OpenDNS instead of using the default DNS server of the Turk Telecom ISP.