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How to Upload Videos to YouTube if Access to Website is Blocked

Richard, who works for a large Fortune 100 company, recently wrote on Facebook that he cannot upload screencast video clips to YouTube since the company he works for has blocked access to YouTube and other video sharing websites though the firewall.

One of the available options is to use your mobile phone for uploading videos on YouTube - just create a mobile profile on YouTube from a computer outside the organization's firewall and then email the video to YouTube as an MMS message.

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The second more versatile option is the one-to-many Hey!Spread - this is an online service to help you upload a video clip to multiple video sharing websites in one go.

You upload the video to Hey!Spread servers and they in turn upload it to the various other video sites including YouTube, MySpace, PhotoBucket, MetaCafe, Google, Yahoo! video, DailyMotion, etc.

Chances are high that access to Hey!Spread is open in your company - they'll send you an email confirmation as soon as your video is uploaded successfully to the different sites.