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How Do Popular Websites Look on Mobile Phone Screens

mobile phone internet access Vodafone UK has created a good interactive demo to help you understand how some of the most popular websites on the internet look like on your cell phones.

The Vodafone commercial uses a Nokia N95 to simulate MySpace, YouTube, BBC, Google Maps, Amazon, Yahoo, Hotmail and eBay - you just have to move the mouse over various locations of the street and watch the website pages change on the N95 screen. 

Mobile Internet Demo 

Good for folks who haven't switched to an internet enabled mobile phone yet - the Vodafone websites also says that Nokia N95, E65, N76 and Nokia 6300 are best mobile phones for Internet though the complete list also mentions Blackberry and Sony phone.

Surprisingly, the Vodafone demo makes no mention of blogs, personalized homepages or newsreaders but do check this "Backseat blogging" billboard spotted by Steve Clayton.

vodafone blogging