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CBS Video Clips on Joost and AOL, WallStrip goes to CBS

Wallstrip creator Howard Lindzon has finally broken his silence on the CBS rumor.

Howard just announced that Wallstrip, the daily video podcast on stocks with a tinge of humor, has been acquired by CBS for an undisclosed amount.

Lindsay Campbell
[Lindsay Campbell in the Wallstrip Studio (Manhattan), Credit: NYT]

Liz Gannes adds that host Lindsay Campell and producers Adam Elend / Jeff Marks will become full-time employees of CBS, and Lindzon will play a consulting role. Congrats Fred and Feld.

So there is scope for monetization of video podcasts provided the content is produced in a professional manner and the delivery schedules are maintained.

CBS already has some good experience with video podcasts - the CBS Evening News video podcast with Katie Couric is syndicated daily.

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Reuters says that CBS plans to syndicate most of their video content on the web.

AOL and Joost will soon carry the video content of CBS while CBS is also working with sites such as Facebook and Ltd. to allow users to post its video clips to their profiles.

Rocketbook guru Andrew Baron is naturally excited especially with that unconfirmed $5 million price tag. He says - "This evaluation is great news for Rocketbooom and others in our field... it looks like Rocketboom spends just a fraction of what Wallstrip spends.

Lindsay visits the CBS heardquarters but the security guards won't let her in. Watch the video recording on Youtube.

Staci Kramer adds that Howard Lindzon becomes an "active consultant" while writers/producers Adam Elend and Jeff Marks will executive produce original video content for the division (CBS-Wallstrip) and Lindsay Campbell continues as the program's host.