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Upload and Save Microsoft Office Documents Online in One Click, the online file storage service that offers 1GB of free storage space, has developed some excellent add-ons that could make this service a darling for Microsoft Office users. offers a virtual file explorer for your uploaded documents, pictures and videos. You can put this file explorer anywhere in your website and visitors can easily navigate through your files, download them offline or they can subscribe to your files in their newsreader.

Today, unveiled another useful service called "Office on Demand" - this is an add-on for your Microsoft Office programs that will let you save files directly from Word, Excel or Powerpoint directly to your online account. No need to launch your web browser.

Other than the convenience factor, is tightly integrated with Zoho Docs and Zoho sheet. Even if your computer has no Office license, you can still edit the .DOC or .XLS files from directly in Zoho Office and save the edited files back to

Download Add-on | Thanks Zoli Erdos

I am also expecting Google to release an Office plugin that will allow offline editing of documents stored in Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

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