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Replace Windows Add/Remove Programs with MyUninstaller

It's time to spring clean your Windows PC but the default Add/Remove Program applet is not always the best option to uninstall software that you no longer use.

The Add/Remove programs applet that shipped with your Windows XP PC shows very limited information about the currently installed software and it even lists software that are no longer installed on the machine.

Windows Add Remove Program Replacement
That's where MyUninstaller enters the game - it's a free and tiny utility that requires no installation and offers a much better view of programs that are installed on your hard-drive.

You get to know about the exact version of the software (like Google Sketchup instead of Google SketchUp 6), date when you installed that software, the folder location where that software is installed, the uninstall string and other useful information.

All this extra data can help you decide whether you really want to kick that software off your hard-disk.

MyUninstaller can also be used to clear unwanted entries - software that is uninstalled but the registry keys are not cleaned up and hence showing up with an installed status. Highly recommended.

MyUninstaller v1.34 - Alternative to the standard add / remove control panel module