When Your Favorite Website Doesn't Offer RSS Feeds

Your friend sends you a link to some website - after digging for few minutes, you seem to enjoy the contents and like to subscribe to the site's RSS feed in your newsreader.

But there's a small problem - the site owner is not providing RSS feeds for users to syndicate the content. What do you do in such a case ?

Simple - create the RSS feed yourself [no programming required]. Mukarram from Delhi wants something similar and is looking for a solution to convert these HTML only webpages to RSS feeds.

There are at least two good services that are absolutely free and can get the job done in few clicks. Here they are:

Feed43 (pronounced as "Feed For Free") is one such free service that can help you monitor any site for new content right from the comfort of your newsreader.

FeedYes - another popular Website to RSS feed service that even lets you tag the feeds. You type in the site URL and immediately get the RSS feed. There are options to finetune the results.

And yes, there are some other good advantages of these services as well like you can track Google search results or comments on blogs that don't offer separate comment feeds.