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Google Labs Gathering Dust, No New Product Since 5 Months

google labs logoLast October, Google co-founder Sergey Brin announced an initiative called "Features, not products" asking Google engineers to stop launching new services and instead focus on making existing ones work together better.

The outcome - we haven't seen any new product on Google Labs since that announcement from Sergey.

Google has focussed more on improving their existing services like Google Reader, Google Notebook, Google Gadgets and Google Page Creator but have not added any new project on Google Labs.

This is in sharp contrast to 2006 when they were adding two, and sometimes three, new experiments to Google Labs each month.

On a related note, here's a feature-request for Google:

» Provide a simple mechanism to sync Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook.

» Make Google Calendar and Google Page Creator compatible with Opera.

» Give us an offline version of Google Reader, something like Attensa or Newsgator FeedDemon. Tris Hussey would love that too.