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PayPerPost Finally Makes A Smart Move

Payperpost Acquires, a blog community website founded by Nick Wilson (of Threadwatch) and Patrick Gavin (of Text Link Ads), has now been acquired by PayPerPost according to Techcrunch.

PayPerPost has had their own set of problems in the recent past. They had a successful launch but unfortunately Google didn't like them at all. Then came the the Feds asking PayPerPost users to disclose relationships.

So just when the tide was turning against their business and competition from ReviewMe was growing, PayPerPost has taken this right step by acquiring a Blog Ad network company.

First, it gives them a chance to expose their service to a more diversified group of users who already have blogs and want to monetize them. Second, even if things don't go as per plan (due to stumbling blocks like search engines or Government regulations), PayPerPost will still have a sold advertising network in their arsenal to help them maintain the bottomline.

Performancing was probably one of the favorite destinations for the blogging bees but they soon changed priorities and transformed themselves into a Blog Ad network similar to BlogAds. No doubt, they gave us some of best tools for free like a Firefox Blog Editor and a good blog analytics service but they were more focussed on promoting the Partners program.

Performancing has done the groundwork for PayPerPost. Frankly speaking, PayPerPost should abandon their paid-reviews program and position themselves as a blog advertising network - they will earn more acceptance in the blog community and probably enjoy better growth as well.

Update: Nick Wilson has confirmed that PayPerPost has acquired just the Blog Metrics part of Performancing and not the Ad Network. So our above analysis doesn't make sense anymore. Will be updated soon.