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Expired Domain Name Search makes Cybersquatting Easy

Web Domain NamesWeb Domain Names are Intellectual Property but despite all the laws, domain squatting remains a very lucrative business thanks to various domain parking schemes that let you monetize typo-domains without even creating a single webpage.

Expired Domain Names is a new service to find expiring or deleted web domain names that are up for grabs because the actual owner either forgot to renew the domain or is no longer interested in maintaining it.

The real useful part about this service is the "Regular Expression" search or regex - if that sounds too geeky, think of regexp search as an advanced form of search where you can even look for patterns in the domain name - for instance, a search for "yahoo" would show all expiring domain names that have yahoo somewhere in the name.

Expired Domain Names list is based on the registry of web domains that are pending deletion and available for backorder. They also do an automatic search at US Trademark Search for the domain name to make sure no trademarks are infringed on.

Expired Domain Names - domains that are in the market again.

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