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Let's Play Some Music According to Your Mood

MoodAmp is a free music jukebox like iTunes or Windows Media player with one big advantage - it will scan your MP3 files collection and play music that best suits your current mood.

So if you are in a romantic mood or feeling sad or plain energetic, MoodAmp will make sure the music environment matches your mood.

MoodAmp has no divine powers to make these decisions - Like a speech recognition software, you first teach MoodAmp which songs you like to hear when you are in a specific mood.

MoodAmp will then know which songs, artist and genres suit you when you are in the mood you selected. The more you like a song, the more frequently MoodAmp will play it for you.

Think of MoodAmp like creating a mood-specific song playlist in iTunes but with some inbuilt intelligence.

MoodAmp - music to your mood [download via]