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Download Windows Vista Wallpapers, Backgrounds Themes

Download Windows Vista Wallpapers

You can download any of these beautiful Windows Vista desktop backgrounds by clicking the wallpaper thumbnail images.

They are all high resolution Vista Wallpapers and will also fit your wide screen Laptops or dual screen computer monitors. Will even make a perfect Windows Vista theme for XP.

If you are not upgrading from XP to Vista yet, this is possibly the easiest way to make your XP Desktop look like Windows Vista [choose one of the green Wallpapers with leaves and water drops or one with bamboo sticks]

» Download Windows Vista Screensavers

» Download Windows Vista Fonts Pack - Calibri

This photo gallery of Windows Vista Wallpaper images is constructed from Flickr where the wallpapers were uploaded by Brajeshwar.

Download Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets for XP

If you like to download the entire Vista wallpaper collection in one go, here are the links:
  Windows Vista Wallpaper Pack
  Microsoft Windows Vista Wallpaper
[Official wallpapers from Microsoft bundled in the latest Windows Vista build.]