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Zippy Search Engine for SEO and Everyone Else

When I say that this post is about a new meta search engine that combines the best search results from other popular search engines, you may wonder why we need another one when we already have Dogpile and jux2 ?

Well, you need it simply because it has some very unique features especially if you do some kind of SEO.

Zippy Search not only displays the best search results from Google, Yahoo and MSN Search, it also shows related SEO information for the results in AJAX style [so you don't have to leave the current search results page to know more about any link]

Just click the "more information" link next to any search result to view their alexa rankings, technorati numbers, page rank, backlinks, etc.

There's another nice feature about Zippy. If you supply it a web URL instead of a search query, Zippy will show a list of all the indexed pages from that domain in the three search engines.

Dogpile or Jux2 can't get you this kind of information as Google requires the site: operator while yahoo requires the domain: operator. So how would you pass different search operators in the same query ? Zippy is more intelligent when it comes to interpreting search queries.

Unfortunately, there's no option to search images or news yet. I am sure David Naylor would be adding more features in future and it would be wonderful to have an RSS feed option for search results. Thanks Aaron.

Zippy Search - Best results from all 3 Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN)