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Google Video Search Operators: How to Find Videos More Efficiently ?

This is Part II of our Effective Google Search series. Previously we covered tricks on searching Google News stories.

Google Video doesn't offer advanced search features like Google Web search but there are a couple of interesting Video search operators that can help refine your search results. Let's look at some real examples:

Show all Video podcast shows from Ask a Ninja series
title:ask a ninja

Show me Photoshop Tutorial Videos that are atleast 20 minutes long
photoshop tutorial duration:long

Show Videos that have the label Matt Cutts
label:Matt Cutts

Show all Windows Vista videos but not the speech recognition failure video
windows vista -speech

Show Google Videos that have Paris Hilton in the video title
title:Paris Hilton

Show Cheerleaders in all sports related Google Videos
cheerleaders type:sports OR genre:sports

Show Short Music video clips that are free to download
type:music_video is:free duration:short

Show all World Trade Center videos of 9/11 from CNN
"september 11" OR "9/11" CNN

Show Google Videos handpicked by Google Employees

Show Sex related Google Videos that are up for sale
sex is:forsale

Show all training videos uploaded by Online training

Extra Resources:
Movers & Shakers - videos that are quickly rising in popularity.
Top 100 Google Videos - Google Video's most watched videos.

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