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How to Shave with Traditional Brush and Blade Razor


Would you like a shave so good that you might consider it a pleasant hobby instead of a painful chore?

These shaving video tutorials (split in three parts) show you the right way to do old-fashioned barber shop style shave with a traditional safety razor and a wet shaving brush made of animal hair.

» Shave Gently - think of it like you are bathing an infant.

» Examine your own face, look-n-feel all around the beard area to discover how it grows. Don't rely on your eyes alone, trust the feel of it. Then draw a diagram of what direction your beard grows in. This will help you understand your shave better.

» Shave at any time of the day but rinse your face for a good 30 seconds with hot water before you shave.

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The vast global shave controversy - Saad has another brilliant post with a funny Saddam illustration. He talks about the benifits of switching to Cut Throat Razors (or the Ustra) with the old-fashioned single-blades and how razor companies killed the market for safety razors with expensive blades.

He also points on a new video on how to make the transition to shaving with a single-bladed razor.