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Happy Birthday World Wide Web: Navigate the Internet Timeline

The WWW world consists of documents, and links. - "WorldWideWeb: Summary" by Tim Berners-Lee.

Exactly 15 years ago, on 6th August 1991, Sir Tim Berners-Lee posted details of www on the alt.hypertext discussion group so others could download it and play with it. On that day the web went world wide.

There are now 882 million people around the world online reading more than 100 million websites, and with each website offering potentially millions of pages of content.

BBC Internet Timeline takes us on a virtual tour to trace the explosion of the web from a tool for physicists to an indispensable part of everyday life.

The graph above shows growth for all websites (blue) compared to active sites (red) which are updated regularly.

Fifteen Years of the Web | How the web went world wide