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Flipbook Animation: Transfer your Video Clips into a Paper Book

FlipClips is a fun service that converts your digital video clips into a fascinating paper flipbook, or an animated movie book where you just flip pages and the animation appears to play.

The process of turning video clips into a flipbook is very simple. Just upload the video under 30 seconds in length, choose the book size and the cover desing and make the payment (very affordable)

There's no magic involved. FlipClips breaks the video clips into individual picture frames, print each image frame and puts them together in a book. The end product is very impressive and definitely a great gift idea.

The human eye retains an image for a split second after the source of the image disappears, so when you flick the flipbook with your thumb, the images change at a much faster rate and the movement looks smooth and seamless.

You may recall, when Pepsi launched 7 Up in India, they were giving free flipbooks of Fido Dido to promote the lemon drink here. - Create Flipbooks from Home Videos [Thanks, Photojojo]

To try this at home, download a software that can convert mov to jpg or convert avi to jpg, print the individual jpg files (same size) and bind them together. Won't be as great as flipclips but close.