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Blog Buzz: CNN IBN Show on Indian Blogosphere

amit agarwal on cnn ibn tvCNN IBN has started a new section called Blog Buzz on Connect show which will cover the best of Indian blogosphere.

I am glad to be part of their first program which was aired on TV yesterday. You can watch the recording by clicking the play button above.

This video sequence was shot late-night at my residence earlier this month.

Sangeetha Sarma has published the video transcript on
Welcome to the world of Amit Agarwal, one of the few professional bloggers in India. He may not blog from bed, but the only muscle he uses is between his ears and he's got a job that gives him the kind of freedom most of us dream of.

According to Agarwal, if you want to rewrite your career, you need to be original, post regularly, be consistent with your content and be patient. Agarwal says his blog only started making money after about a year. If you think you can post 5-7 times a day and work 12-hour days, but you want a little something extra to give you an edge, then you could copy Agarwal and nickname your kid Google!
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