Blog Buzz Marketing: Companies turning to Bloggers for Product Launch

When Nokia N Series Handsets (or multimedia computers) were launched last fall, the Finnish mobile company tried a unique marketing expirement. They sent sample products to 50 gadget bloggers with a passion for mobile phones.

The blog marketing experiment paid off and Nokia web servers had to shut down twice due to the huge amount of traffic flowing from blogs (think what happens to your site hit charts when you are slashdotted, digged at the same time). And people were not just visiting the Nokia website, they were buying too because their favorite bloggers wrote about it.

That's the power of influential blogs like Engadget, CNet or Gizmodo. Today, Washington Post has a very interesting story on how companies are harnessing the blogosphere to generate virtual buzz, free publicity and higher ranking in search engines because of blogs linking to the product websites.

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