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Need a Cheap Lady (New or Used) ? Try Ebay

We have seen African Slaves and Homeless People being sold on eBay before but here's something even more weird.

Lady - Low Prices, New and Used - Buy It Cheap On eBay

That's precisely what an Ebay adverisment said which I noticed on one of the Google sites (screenshot attached). I know nothing about the landing page of this ad but Google seriously needs more Ad Quality Raters to prevent such shocks in future.

Now something to cool you off: Sakshi points to an interesting quiz for women (Are you a Lady ?) that will reveal how much lady-factor is present in you. Called Blogthings, the results can even be integrated into your blog, Facebook or email.

And wait.. there's a similar quiz for men as well - Are you a Gentlemen ? I just confirmed that I am a total gentleman :)