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Microsoft Offers Free Computer Games for Genuine Windows Customers

If you are bored with Windows Solitaire or Hearts, go ahead and download two new card games from the Microsoft Website.

The only catch is that you should be running a genuine copy of Windows XP because Microsoft will verify your Windows XP key before providing the link to download these card games.

Microsoft Carioca Rummy - The object of this unique card game, popular in countries like Argentina and Chile, is to get rid of all of your cards during each round. The player with the fewest cards at the end of the game wins. [download link]

Microsoft Match-Up! - If you liked Solitaire, you'll love Microsoft Match-Up! Match-Up! is a fun new game for Windows XP that tests your memory and matching skills. Flip the cards and match the images while racing against the clock.

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Microsoft routinely provides free software to customers using non-pirated Windows like the amazing Photostory software which creates slideshows with transitions and music. Bookmark this page to keep a track of new offers from Microsoft.