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How to Keep Your Public Speech or Podcast Interview free of ums and ahs

One of the hallmarks of a professional teacher, trainer, or public speaker is that his or her speech just f-l-o-w-s as naturally as possible, and is relatively or completely free from extraneous filler words ("like", "you know", "umm").

The Mother Tongue Annoyances blog on English Communication offers a simple but effective trick for improving public speaking skills by keeping the vocal pauses such as 'ums' or 'ahs' in your speech under control.

The idea is to record your conversations or speech and then listen it over and over again.
..when you hear how many times you use filler words, it will rattle you to your core, and you'll develop a newfound self-awareness that will help stanch your subconscious desire to use these filler words during your next class or public speaking event.
While this advice is primarily meant for public speakers, teachers and lecturers, it should help everyone including podcasters.

How to Lose the 'ums' and 'ahs' from Your Speech