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Tips for successful podcast advertising

Put yourself in the user's shoes, but put your ads in their ear buds.

Gregory Galant from a podcast advertising company called RadioTail has some excellent tips for podcasters who like to integrated advertising in their podcast shows. Here are some excerpts:

Ads placed before a podcast make it difficult for potential listeners to sample and get excited about the podcast. Many podcast producers reject them for that reason. It's even bad for the advertiser because that's when podcast listeners are most likely to fast-forward-- when they have their hands on the control just after they've selected a podcast.

Ads placed in between the content segments -- interstitially -- allow the listener a chance to become engaged in the show before experiencing the sponsor message. They also reach the listener after she's removed her hands from the fast-forward control. Ads need to be worked into a podcast to take full advantage of the medium.

While listeners don't mind short, tasteful ads, they do mind hearing the same creative over and over. Produce as many short ads as possible. Each could feature a different use for your product, a different benefit of your product or a different person describing their experience with it.