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Scandoo Manager paints a clear picture

If you are following the recent Scandoo story here, Saalim Chaudhary (Project Management, Scandoo) has offered a clear and very reasonable explaination.
The only reason I can see for your misunderstanding is that in India, Google don't accept advertising for "Adult Sexual Content", however in the UK & the US, where ScanSafe, the parent company of Scandoo, is incorporated, Google *do* accept advertising for "Adult Sexual Content". Right now, Scandoo in its Beta form, can't recognise that you are in India, and therefore can't serve you specifically Indian Google pages, and serves you an American version. We don't claim to serve specifially Indian pages.
So the gist is that while Google shows the Indian version of their results page, Scandoo fetches the US version of Google Results page that has Adult Sponsored links. Therefore you see these Ads even if you are located in India.

This is definitely a huge mistake at my end since I made some "false allegations" without properly getting the facts right. Scandoo is neither ‘bombarding users with links to highly offensive content' nor playing evil.

As I noted before, Scandoo algorithims are brilliant when it comes to rate website quality but contrary to my previous post, Scandoo are not putting any ads by themselves but instead parse only Google Ads that are served to visitors in US.

Thank you Saalim and Dan Nadir for reading and responding to my blog posts. I apologize for the bad review which was put-up without the real understanding of Scandoo. Following this conversation, I have updated the previous posts.

Update: I did learn one more important thing in this whole episode - Google offers Adult Ads on US or UK websites. I was unaware of this fact even though I had been using Adsense for more than a year now. Thank you Saalim.

Tip: If you like see how a US Google Results page is different from what you see in your country, try the famous Google Proxy trick - open that page via Google Translate. Google Translate for XXX