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Photostamps in Photoshop CS2 and other Adobe software

PhotoStamps is a software that converts your digital photographs into official United States Postal Service postage which can be used just like traditional postage stamps. Photostamps are simply the best option to personalize your snail mail envelope covers.

Though the stamp software is neat and simple but it's limited to basic image editing like cropping, zooming, flipping, etc. You cannot do anything more sophisticated like adding gradients, writting jazzy text or erase backgrounds, until now.

Well, the good news - Adobe has just signed a deal with that will let them add new stamp creation features within the Photoshop family of products.

I think this is an exciting development - the Photostamps market could just explode - there are hundreds and thousands of Adobe customers who can now create US Postage stamps directly in Adobe Photoshop CS2 or even inside Photoshop Elements and the free Photoshop Album Starter Edition.

Source: teams with Adobe

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