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How I work ? What Feeds I read ?

CNN started the "How I work" series trend by getting Bill Gates to write about his style of working.

Then we read some famous web celebrities like Phillip Torrone, Gina Tripani, Matt Haughey giving a detailed account of how they work on Lifehacker How I work series.

Rajesh Jain of Netcore, who recently completed four years of blogging, also wrote an interesting article about how he blogs.

Now even BlogHerald has started a How I Blog category and their first guest is Matt Craven of BlogMedia, Inc.

I am just a small fry on the web but incase, if you like to learn more about me, listen to the Kamla Bhatt Show [interview link]. You can also hear me on BBC Digital Planet which was recorded during the XIth DBM.

Steve Rubel has also written his Web 2.0 style in How I Work.