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Google Doodle puts Google in trouble

Sometimes paying a tribute can get you sued.

Google main website was forced to remove a Google Logo marking the birth anniversary of Spanish painter Joan Miró i Ferrá. The Miro's Google Logo incorporated copyrighted artwork of Joan Miro's images.

Members of Miro's family asked Google to remove the image immediately for copyright violation. Google bowed to the pressure and removed the logo within hours of receiving the notice from the artist's family.

The Artists Rights Society, a group that represents the Miro family, said that all Google needed to do was send an e-mail asking permission to use the Miro's images.

I think Miro's family have missed a golden opportunity here. Millions of Google users [including me], who have never heard of Joan Miró i Ferrá, would have known the artist through Google and some of them could have probably turned into fans.

Download Google Miro Logo