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Google Adsense Currency Exchange Rates Error

For local currency checks, Google Adsense calculates the exchange rate for payments based on prevailing United States dollar bank rate at the time of conversion (date of writing the cheque). EFT payments are converted on the day that they are wired from Google's account.

However, this payment cycle, Google Adsense made an error for some accounts while converting the US Dollar to the local currency. Instead of multiplying the payment amount with exchange rate ratio, Google performed a division.

Google has acknowledged the issue and sent an email to the affected users :
We wish to inform you that the exchange rate used for your April payment was incorrect. We're working hard to investigate this error and will update you once we have additional details on how we intend to resolve the issue.

If you normally receive communication for us in a language other than English, we will provide additional information in your preferred language next week.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


The Google AdSense Team
It is not clear whether Google will send the difference amount with the next month's payment or issue a separate cheque. BTW, if the same error had happened for UK or UAE Adsense publishers, Google would have ended up paying more than their actual earnings.

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Source: Google reverses exchange rate on Adsense