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Fastest 3D Face Recognition software

A ground-breaking Face Recognition software can produce an exact 3D image of a face within 40 milliseconds. Other 3D face recognition systems have proved unworkable because of the time it takes to construct a picture and an inaccurate result.

This latest 3D face recognition technology works by projecting a pattern of light onto the face, creating a 2D image, from which 3D data is generated. Biometric features are extracted by a ‘parameterisation’ process, giving a digital mapping of a face that would form part of a fool-proof security system.

Airport check-in time may be reduced to seconds as it gets easier for Law enforcement agencies to scan crowds for terrorist look-alikes. Public surveillance cameras can instantly identify faces in the crowd and compare them with the national criminal databases.

Watch a Video: How 3D face recognition works

Sheffield Hallam University | 3D Imaging: Fast 3D Scan