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Google bows to Gartner pressure on Google Desktop 3

"We understand that a company's data is more precious than gold - and you don't go passing your gold around", says the Google Desktop Search for Enterprise.

Google has recommended that users install Google Desktop Search 3 Enterprise version instead of consumer version - "If you're given a choice, choose Enterprise"

Recently, A Gartner report on Google Desktop Search warned that Search Across Computers is a security risk to many enterprises and might put them in violation of data-management regulations.

Google seemed to agree, echoing Gartner's sentiments in public comments on the matter.

Andy Ku, European marketing manager for Google, told ZDNet UK that it [Google] recognized the risk, and recommended that companies take action.

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Google released an enterprise version of Google Desktop 3 beta which allows IT departments make the "Search Across Computer" feature unavailable to their users.

Gartner is not the first to warn users to steer clear of the "search across computers" function in Google Desktop. Earlier, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) advised users to disable the search function.