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Create Macromedia Flash Applications in Microsoft Visual Studio IDE

How to create Macromedia .SWF files from .NET code

Microsoft Visual Studio IDEMacromedia Flash applications can be run from any web browser, regardless of the operating system being used. Flash automatically ships with all Windows XP machines while .NET does not.

Now, with the tools below, even MS .NET developers can create Flash movies inside MS Visual Studio IDE without having to learn ActionScript or the complex Macromedia Flash Authoring software.

Neoswiff for Microsoft Visual Studio

NeoSwiff for Visual Studio .NET 2003 allows you to write Flash Applications in C# .NET using Microsoft Visual Studio. It integrates itself as a Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in. Neoswiff C# to SWF compiler is available for Windows 2000/XP, Linux and MacOS.

Download NeoSwiff for Visual Studio .NET 2003

Xamlon Web

Xamlon Web’s target audience is Windows Forms developers who want to use WinForms and other .NET APIs, as well as Visual Studio, to convert their applications to Flash.

If you are already familiar with Flash and ActionScript, Xamlon Web allows you to use the features of Visual Studio and C# or VB.NET to directly create Flash movies.

Download Xamlon

Source: Sparkle? Flash? Flex? Try NeoSwiff