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Chitika is not adding Adsense style Text Ads

Chitika PPC Advertising is not expanding to include Text ads after eMiniMalls

Chitika eMiniMalls Sandbox Preview ToolImmediately after launch, Chitika eMiniMalls became the darling of bloggers. The interactive eMinimalls displayed product ratings, reviews, prices from various merchants and other comparison shopping related information in one neat format. Some website owners even experimented replacing Adsense units with PPC Chitika ads since Chitika was giving a much higher CPC than Google Adsense.

On the downside, Chitika ads reported lower Click-through rates (CTR) and were found to be more effective on product blogs like Cameras, Garments or Electronics. And the recent delay in Chitika audits, changes to eMiniMalls interface, and drop in CPC rates didn't go down really well with many Chitika publishers.

Still, considering that the service is still in Beta, Chitika is still a good alternative to Adsense or YPN. And now, in a bid to restore lost publisher's faith, Chitika is working on new Ad formats (see screenshot) that completely resemble the text ads offered by Yahoo Publisher Network or Google Adsense.

This screenshot shows a square 250x250 Chitika text ad displaying contextual ads from comparison shopping merchants like Dealtime or BizRate. The "Ads By Chitika" link takes you to the Chitika Inc. homepage. The Chitika Text Ad formats resemble ads formats offered by Google Adsense. The user clicks in Chitika Text Ads are tracked by [eMiniMalls clicks are tracked by] It is not immediately clear when the Chitika Text Ads will be available to publishers.

Update: confirmed with Chitika that it is only a rumour and Chitika have no plans to support the RealContext feature.

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