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Shoemonkey targets Darren Rowse over Chitika

ShoeMoney has slammed problogger Darren Rowse for "excessively" promoting Chitika eMiniMalls in his weblog. ShoeMonkey writes:
At first I thought it was weird how much promoted Chitika. Then I found it even more weird when I got a email from Chitika telling me to visit problogger for tips on better conversions… Maybe its just ironic but perhaps maybe this “expert” had “incentives” to promote Chitika. I am just wondering to myself why problogger would try so hard to promote a company that really has no reason to be so heavily promoted.
Darren has tried to defend himself by saying:
I do report both the good and bad about Chitika. I’m more positive about them than negative because they perform so well for me on my blogs. Most of my posts about them are ‘how to’ posts - ie how to work with a system that many people complain about but a system that many don’t know how to use effectively.
Randy Charles Morin adds:
When someone is paying you thousands of dollars per month, as Darren claims he’s receiving from Chitika, then you act nice to those people. Right? That’s common sense.
Agree with Randy. Problogger in bed with Chitika early maybe not so smart