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Free DivX Video Conversion Software

Free Divx Software

As part of their fifty anniversary celebrations, DivX is offering the DivX Create bundle for Windows absolutely free. This is not a trial version and will never expire.

The DivX Create bundle include DivX Player, DivX Pro codec and DivX Converter - all the tools necessary to create and play DivX videos with interactive features.

DivX Create lets you:

* Convert nearly any video to a DivX video file
* Create videos with advanced interactive features
* Playback all DivX video files including video-on-demand titles

This offer is good only for today.

DivX Video: Download DivX Software and the DivX Player - [via]

The DivX® codec (short for compressor/decompressor) can compress video to a convenient size without losing any noticeable quality and play those videos back on almost any device. For example, the DivX codec can compress an MPEG-2/DVD file to nearly one-tenth its original size or a home movie (DV) 25:1.