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Yahoo! offers Microsoft Office Tips

Yahoo! has handpicked some of the best tips for programs.

Return to where you left off: Wouldn't it be nice to quickly return to the place in your document where you left off when you last saved? Press <Shift>-<F5> and you're there. In fact, you can repeat the key combo to go to the last three places you made changes.

Zooming with Office: If you have a scroll wheel mouse, you can use the wheel to enlarge or shrink the screen size of your document or worksheet. Hold down the <Ctrl> key and spin the wheel toward yourself to zoom out or away from yourself (forward) to zoom back in. You may need to enable this feature to make it work properly; to do so,in Word or Excel, choose Tools, Options, click the General tab, and check the Zoom on Roll with Intellimouse box (a scroll mouse of any brand will work).

Changing directions: With so many places (or cells) to go to in Excel, navigation expertise is essential to productivity. One of the simplest--but often overlooked--forms of navigation is the Enter key. By default, when you press Enter, the cursor goes to the next cell down. But it doesn't have to be that way. To change the default direction to right, left, or up, select Tools, Options, click the Edit tab, check the Move selection after Enter box, and then select your direction choice from the pull down menu. Then click OK.

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