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Meetro - Google Instant Messenger coming soon

Google Instant MessengerThis could well end the rumours rumours pertaining to the developement of Google Instant Messenger based on Jabber.

According to, Google is expected to announce the acquisition of Meetroduction popularly known for Meetro, location-aware social networking software. The idea of Meetro is to find people to hang out with in the physical world.

Meetro software is compatible with AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and ICQ, adding the ability to find people outside of one's personal buddy lists. Before the acquisition, the company planned to eventually support MSN Messenger and Jabber as well.
Technically speaking, Meetro is radius and proximity based software. Untechnically speaking, it finds like-minded people around you instantly. Wherever you are. So whether you’re in-town or out of town, Meetro gets you on the town with old friends or new acquaintances.
"The beauty of Meetro is the direct way in which you connect with people nearby," Paul Bragiel, CEO of Meetroduction, said in a statement about the software release. "Just run Meetro, double-click on a person and begin chatting immediately. It's all real-time, which means you see and communicate with local people who are online right now."

The above GIM illustration was taken from WebproNews