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Interview with Firefox Creator Blake Ross

Blake Ross on the Wired Magazine Cover pageIf you create a great product, it will spread through word-of-mouth and people will use it. If people aren't talking about your product, your product isn't worth talking about.

People like Firefox because it just works. We designed Firefox to be invisible; we want you using the web, not the software. We've spent years refining it and streamlining it down to the pixel so that it works intuitively right out of the box.

The above excerpt is from an interview with Blake Ross who is best known for starting work on the browser and creating the Spread Firefox marketing site. He is currently studying at Stanford, and will graduate in 2007, but already has appeared on the cover of Wired magazine.

Blake further says:
Firefox will be free forever. The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization, so its revenue goes toward improving its products. It makes money through the generous donations of satisfied users as well as more traditional corporate deals.
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