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GrabAll: Search engine comparison with categories

GrabAll sports a very neat and simple UI but it has all the good features for comparing search engine results whether from the web or audio, video or even the News sources like Google and Yahoo!.

When you make a search on Graball, it generates two sets of results simultaneously from two different search engines and presents them neatly in two frames side by side.. Wait, before you say that a number of websites already do it, GrabAll is unique.

You have the freedom to choose which two search engines you would like to have in the comparison. That is the default behaviour. You can personalize this behavior using the GrabAll personalization tool. Other categories such as search engines and their orders of appearances can also be customized.

With GrabAll, you can do comparison searching for images, maps, reference, audio, and video. SEOs would love this tool. I wish the writer gets rid of the frames in the next release.