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Business acumen of Jason Calacanis

Yahoo! Messenger is a blog according to Technorati, has 1,995 sites linking to it and that lift Yahoo! Messenger website at position 91 in the Technorati Top 100 Blog list. So the Technorati Top blog list is definitely flawed.

Jason also feels that Technorati ranking system is inaccurate so he is willing to pay $10,000 in cash to anyone who develops a Top blog list based on factors like frequency of updates, links based on time, etc.

For somebody earning $2K+ per day through Adsense, $10 k for a personalized blog search is a meagre amount (just 5 day earnings). But still, if Jason manages to find developers willing to deliver a ranking system of his choice at that little price, nobody can match Jason.

I appreciated his business acumen but why is Jason using Technorati as a measure when there are better alternatives. Technorati was good but now, it is full of issues and errors. I use Technorati for my Post Citations but clicking on Citations everytime pops up the famous "High Volume" error.

And what happens if Technorati picks the clue from Jason and choose to implement all the feature request themselves. David Sirfy, are you listening.