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How about Desktop Search integrated in Firefox Browser

A nice idea - Integrate your favourite Desktop Search Tool with Firefox

The idea would be to offer Firefox users a choice of third-party tools for searching information stored on their PCs, Hofmann said. "We see a lot of growth with the integration of searching Web sites and searching your we'll be looking at ways to try and integrate that search within the browser, to make more seamless how users go searching for information, whether on the Internet or their computer," Hofmann said.

Desktop search is one of the hottest areas in the search market currently, as users look for tools that let them find information on their PCs with the same ease and speed of Internet search engines. Thus, multiple high-profile vendors either provide or plan to provide tools for conducting desktop searches.

For example, Google recently introduced one such tool, while America Online and Yahoo have separately acknowledged they are developing their own wares. Microsoft for years has bundled hard-disk searching functionality with its Windows operating system, but the technology has been considered generally clunky, and Microsoft is expected to offer an enhanced alternative in the near future. In the meantime, vendors such as X1 Technologies, Copernic Technologies, and Blinkx already offer desktop search tools.

"There are a variety of companies that are working on that technology, and we may just try and identify a way for Firefox to plug into a variety of desktop search engines and enable users to pick and choose," Hofmann said.

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