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A Great Day for Blogger Users Or Those Who Migrated to WordPress

Ex-blogspot users have a reason to rejoice - if you have migrated from Blogger to another platform like WordPress or TypePad, you no longer have to worry about your lost feed subscriber base.

redirect blogger feed

Blogger now lets you redirect your Blogspot feeds # to any other feed service # in one simple step. Goto Blogger Settings -> Site Feed and type the new feed address. That makes this popular tutorial more or less irrelevant.

Basically if someone is subscribed to your old feed address, he'll automatically be redirected to your new feed which could be on WordPress, Feedburner, etc. Therefore your move from Blogger to Wordpress will be transparent to the subscriber base.

Positive Effect on Feed Count:

If you are using Feedburner, expect the Feedburner Chicklet to show higher numbers very soon. [Related: Count The RSS Subscribers Of Any Blog]

Blogger vs WordPress:

Google owned Blogger is fighting back to remain the top blogging platform. Here are some amazing things they have done recently to fend off competition from the excellent Wordpress.

1. Blogger Users can add polls which is impossible to do in Wordpress without the help of external plug-ins or widgets.

2. You can directly upload video clips from the web based editor of Blogger and that goes straight to Google Video - again not possible in WordPress.

3. Like WordPress, Blogger also provides comments feed per blog post or the entire blog.

blogger custom search 4. Blogger can parse XML files directly - that means you can have Text Link Ads or RSS feeds on Blogger without installing any plugins or sidebar widgets.

5. The new search box of Blogger will help visitors search across all blogs / websites that you have ever linked to from your blog posts. Internally this uses the Google Custom Search engine but you can integrated this with Blogger in a click so anyone can make use of the Google Custom Search engine without having to worry about HTML code.

6. Google Adsense in also tightly integrated with Blogger dashboard making it easy for not-so-geeky users to add adunits if they using the default blogger templates. [Don't think WP allows advertising yet.]

The game is on. Blogger team have launched a Draft Blogger website to showcase more upcoming features in Blogger.

Disclaimer: I am a big fan of WordPress [site 1, site 2]  but still find Blogger more convenient to use and easy to maintain - atleast I don't have to worry about security issues or installing frequent upgrades.