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Hide That SkyScraper Ad in Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail (the new DHTML version) displays a fairly unobtrusive skyscraper banner near the right edge of the browser window.

The Yahoo! ad rotates or change every time time you open a new mail message in Yahoo! mail or switch Yahoo! folders (like from Inbox to Drafts to Trash)

Yahoo Mail Ads
Now Yahoo! is giving users a chance to hide that long vertical banner if they are not interested in the advertiser's product or service. Just click the arrow bar on the right side that says "Hide Advertisement" and the ad is gone from your current view.

Don't get too excited because the ad will reappear when you open another email message or move to a different mail folder.

This is another good idea from Yahoo especially for email users who do not have a wide screen monitor - by hiding the 160pixel wide graphic, they get a much larger viewing area for their emails.

Trivia: Unlike the contextual ads of Gmail (which vary depending on the text of your email), Yahoo! Mail ads are geo-targeted but not contextual in nature. via

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