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Ten Technology Tips That Are Popular Today with our Readers

Tech Tips and Workarounds
1. How to stop Google from remembering my searches - Block Google from tracking

2. What's the location of Google Desktop Index files - Check the data_dir registry entry

3. How to add English words in bulk to Firefox dictionary - Edit persdict.dat in notepad

4. How to find exact Latitude, Longitude of my street or city - Use Loki

5. How to convert Real audio to MP3 songs - Use Real Player or Jodix

6. Where to download free video editing software - Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, etc

7. How to hide the top ad bar or blogger navbar - Old Blogger, New Blogger

8. How to capture still images from a DVD movies and videos - Disable Hardware Acceleration

9. Can I copy files with Long filenames - Limit is 255 characters

10. How to upload videos by email as attachments - Use Youtube

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