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The Privilege of Being an Adsense Premium Publisher

Google Adsense Premium ServiceGoogle has a premium Adsense service exclusively for websites who receive more than 5 million search queries, or 20 million content page views per month.

Now that may well be out of reach for most of us but you can see the Adsense Premium program in action on sites likes LinkedIn, CNN,, AOL or MySpace.

Google pampers their premium Adsense customers with perks and advantages that are strictly forbidden for regular Adsense publishers. Here's a quick rundown of Adsense premium features using the Adsense implementation of, a New York Times website:

Adsense for SearchCreating direct links to AdSense for search results - Adsense policies do not allow publishers to pre-populate Adsense for search box with keywords or create direct links to Adsense for search pages.

However, the screenshot that you see on the right is captured from Desktop Video page - these "video offers" are actually links to Adsense for search pages that contain no content, only Google ads related to those search terms.

Google Ads in Adult and Mature Pages - Most Adsense publishers are not allowed to display Adsense ads on pages that contain pornography, adult, or mature content but the rules are different for the premium clients.

Look at the following screenshot closely from - it's all about "sex education?" and Google has enough inventory for them. A regular Adsense publisher is likely to see PSA's or blank fills for such content.

Google Adsense on Adult pages

Labeling of Ads is Optional - Premium Adsense publishers are free to remove the "Ads by Google" tagline from Adsense ads and may put any label of their choice. Infact, they have the liberty to not mark the Adsense ad units as ads.

Google Ads on Casino Related Websites - Non-premium Adsense publishers may not place Adsense ads on sites where content is related to Gambling or related to Casino. Contrast that with the following page on Casino and Gambling. The yellow highlighted portions are Google Ads.

Ads on Gambling
Flexible Adsense Ad Formats - Premium clients can design their own Adsense Ad formats with custom font sizes, styles and color schemes. They can also create ad formats of custom dimensions that blend well with their existing site layouts.

Dedicated Adsense Account Manager - Google is kind enough to provide an official Adsense optimization expert to lot of non-premium Adsense publishers but the premium guys get a dedicated Google rep to help them optimize the look n' feel of their Google Ads for better performance.

Customized revenue terms - While regular Adsense publishers have no say in Adsense revenue share, premium clients generally negotiate the share percentage with Google.

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